Chattanooga photographer gets tattoo of her son’s face on her body

We can’t see her face, but we know her.

That’s what photographer Melissa Epps and her boyfriend, Chris Soto, do in their tattoo shop in Chattanooga.

The two have been together for two years.

“It was very, very emotional for me to be able to see my son’s picture,” Epps said.

Epps’ tattoo is an emotional moment for Epps, who has never gotten a tattoo before.

She has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

“I had a cystic lung in my right lung, and I got a tattoo for that,” Epp said.

She is very proud of her tattoo.

“I had to go through so much anxiety and so much stress and so many surgeries, and my husband and I just kept going.

So to have a tattoo of my son that is going to be in front of my face and it’s just so moving to be proud of, it makes me so happy,” Eipp said.”

My son is not here, and the tattoo is going on my chest,” Epson said.

“It’s going to help me get through it.

It’s going out to all the people that are close to me and my family and my friends and my school.

It really brings home the love that we have and the support that we’re getting from people.”

Epps is not alone.

A number of tattoo artists have been inspired by her tattoo and have started their own tattoo shops.

Epps is part of a small but growing community of tattooists who are getting tattoos to honor their loved ones.

“People are really inspired by it and it makes you feel good,” EPP said.

The tattoo shop where Melissa and Chris SOTO get their tattoos has a lot of fans.

“This is what makes us happy, and we want to be a part of that and make it better,” Melissa Soto said.

They say they want to help other people with cyst, lung, skin disease, heart disease and other issues.

Soto said he is a huge fan of Melissa Epp’s tattoo and wanted to give her a tattoo that would make a huge difference.

“To have someone that’s dedicated to her art and to making people feel like they can have a good life, and they can be a better person,” Soto told News24.

The couple is excited about the future of their business.

“We’re hoping to open up more businesses, we’re hoping we can open up a few more shops,” Sotos said.

For now, they are just happy to be doing what they love and that’s what they’re focused on.

“For more information on the cystic cyst lung and cystic liver disease, visit:

The Photos of the Year 2018

DALLAS, Texas — We all know the best places to photograph a newborn are in their mother’s womb.

But when it comes to capturing a moment in a person’s life, how do you capture an experience?

The answer is a mix of photography and video.

“I have a photographic memory that is very strong,” said photographer Ed sheeran, who has taken over 1,000 photographs of newborns and their mothers.

The photographer was born in Dallas in 2003.

He took a lot of photographs of the newborns that he took as a child, but also a lot more of their mother.

One day, he noticed that a baby in a hospital was missing.

He knew that the child had been born alive and was crying, so he started to record it.

I found myself wanting to do that more and more.

After two years, the baby was returned to his mother and they both shared a happy moment.

My job was to make it a family moment for both of them,” he said.

When the baby’s mother was pregnant with her second child, she decided to make the photographs of it.

She said that was the start of a whole new life for them.

While he does not photograph babies himself, he has seen how they react to his photos.

They have also given birth to babies, and they have been the inspiration for a lot in his life, he said, adding that they are also a part of his life now.

And he said he always has been fascinated by the way babies react to the camera.

A few years ago, he saw a baby who was crying in the corner of a room, and he thought, “I think I can do that.”

How to get the best photo in Baltimore

The best photos you’ll see in Baltimore will be taken by a Baltimore photographer.

But there are ways to make sure you get the shot you want.

Here are five things you should know about photographing in Baltimore, a city where you can’t miss a moment.

We asked our friends at the blog “Photography in Baltimore” for tips on photographing the city in 2016.

Here are some of the best tips they gave us.

Read moreWhat you should do:When it comes to getting the best photos in Baltimore you can find all sorts of things.

You can rent an inexpensive drone, rent a tripod, buy a tripod from a nearby shop or get some help from a local photographer.

But if you’re looking for a full-service photographer who can help you, here are some tips:

When You Can’t Play With a Guitar and You Want to Play Guitar

I just wanted to write a short story about how I learned to play a guitar, but it’s actually a long story.

In a nutshell, I was a guitar player growing up in Ohio and a part-time gig-playing player for a little while.

The guitar was a little big for me, and I needed to play it more than a little.

The thing that really changed my life, and the thing that changed me as a person, was when I realized I was going to be a musician.

When I was 17, I decided to study music theory.

I wasn’t exactly a music major, but I was good enough to get an internship with a major label, and that’s how I got into the studio.

The studio is a little like a recording studio, with the amps and the monitors and the gear.

The sound engineers there were so great.

They took a bunch of old guitars, they took a whole bunch of guitars that I had been playing for years, and they got them all together and put them all on stage, and then they played them over and over again.

That was the first time I really got into playing guitar, and it was so powerful.

It changed my whole life, because that was the beginning of what I would become, and if you think about it, I’d say that it changed my entire life.

That experience made me a better musician, and eventually, my wife and I started a band together called the Pinky-Nails.

We released a record and toured a lot.

I had a job with the studio, so I was doing all the shows and playing in the band, and at the end of the tour, the band came back to my house to play in the studio with me, because it was time to record the next album.

The band played a few shows, and we had a really good time, but then, I got sick, and there was nothing I could do.

The next day, I just started thinking about it.

I didn’t want to get sick, so we had to get out of there, because I was so tired that day.

I remember going into the recording studio and sitting down and thinking, “Man, I’ve got to make something that can be used on the radio, on the internet, on television, so that people can hear what I am doing.”

I remember looking up and seeing the words, “I’ve got a guitar,” and I thought, “Oh, shit.

It’s me.”

It was my first guitar ever, and to this day, it still gives me pleasure playing it.

When we first started doing the recording, we had three songs, and each of those songs was something new.

The first song, “Truckin’,” was the album’s title, and on it, we were really just playing through some of our songs from the album, which were called “Trucks,” “Lollipop,” and “Travellers.”

We had a few songs from “Lolla,” “Trouble,” “Sparks,” and the whole thing.

And then we had another song that we called “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” which is about our mother.

So I remember, the next day we played that, and people were sitting in the back of the studio and listening to the music.

That song was a big hit.

We got a lot of people to listen to it, so the studio kept recording.

It was just amazing, because we didn’t know where the future was going, and as we went along, we kept finding new things.

The album we were recording was called “Escape From Love,” and we started putting it out on the label, just so people could listen to that album, and all the other songs from that album.

I was just going, “Wow.

That’s a lot to hear!”

I mean, we’d done this for two years, so there was no way I was gonna let it all go.

So we kept putting it back out, and by the time we got to the end, there were a bunch more songs from those other albums on the record, and so I kept putting more of those out, so they’d all become popular, and now we have a pretty good catalog.

But that’s where we were at.

There was a period when I was on tour with the Pinkies and they were going, you know, the Pinkys are doing “I Am a Hero,” and all of a sudden, “The Pinkies” album is out.

I mean it’s really hard to tell how popular an album is until it’s out, because the album doesn’t sell well.

So you have to go out and do a tour and do all of those things, and you’ve gotta get some publicity.

So as a musician, that’s what we did. So when