Georgia man gets $250,000 for photo drawing he made with his mother

By MICHAEL SORIANO, Associated PressThe Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionThe oldest photograph in Georgia is one of the oldest in the state.

It is from the Civil War era of the Confederate States of America and depicts a Confederate soldier and a Union soldier.

The man who made it, Sam Jones, was one of five people who made the drawing, known as a picture book, that was published in 1895.

Jones drew his mother’s photo of him and his family in Atlanta in a drawing titled, “A Friend in the South.”

In a letter dated Jan. 2, 1895, Jones wrote that he had drawn a drawing to mark the first anniversary of his mother Mary’s birth and the centennial of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia.

Jones made a drawing from that picture book and sent it to his mother.

He did not realize that the drawing was the oldest drawing in Georgia.

Jones said he took the drawing and kept it for years.

He said it was the only drawing he had ever done.

Jones said he never knew his mother died until she died in 2002, when she was 90.

He never imagined his drawing would be in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a newspaper owned by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the Atlanta History Museum.

The oldest drawing by a photographer is in a room in the Georgia State Archives in Athens.

The photo was drawn by Sam Jones on May 5, 1895.

It was published the next day in the newspaper, the Atlanta Press, and was given to the Georgia History Museum, which is owned by Georgia Bureau Of Investigation, according to the state archives.

The earliest known picture was made in 1865 in a house in Savannah, Georgia, where a photographer, John Leland, and his son, Frank Leland , both of whom died in the war, lived.

The Leland family house in Athens, Georgia.

(Courtesy of the Georgia Historical Society)A photo of Frank Lellys house in Atlanta was published with the title “House in Savannah.”

The house is now a museum.

The first picture Jones drew for his mother was not an original drawing.

In an article published in the July 1, 1885, issue of the Atlanta newspaper, he described his drawing.

The article said he had taken a picture of a young lady, whom he had met in a book, and had brought home from a party at a hotel in Savannah.

He wrote that she had been with him and had come to Atlanta to be his girlfriend.

The Atlanta Herald said the drawing is one that was “made by a man who, during the Civil war, had his family’s property seized by the Confederates and had to draw from his own pocket a portrait of his family.”

Jones’ mother died in 1902.

His mother’s portrait was given as a gift to the Atlanta Museum of Art.

The Georgia Historical Association said the Atlanta museum has the oldest photograph ever taken of a child in Georgia, but no other photographs have been found.

The story is based on information from The Associated Press, USA TODAY and the Associated Press archives.

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