Photographer Nikki Catsoura: A new world of photography

Photographer Nikki Catoura is known for her beautiful and often unsettling photographs of people struggling with mental illness.

Her portraits of those struggling with the illness and their families are now appearing in national and international publications, and the result is a unique new kind of photography.

Read moreNikki Catouras work is a tribute to her mother, who passed away from a heart attack while working in a nursing home.

The photojournalist says she felt the need to capture the world she loved from her own mother’s eyes, and found inspiration from her experience in a different part of the world, a country in which she was born.

“It’s like I was walking into a foreign country where I lived, and there were a lot of things that I loved,” Ms Catoure said.

“The first thing that jumped out was the people, how they were dressed, how their hair was done.”

There was so much passion and it felt like it was very much my mother’s life and mine, and I wanted to capture that.

“Ms Catoures mother was diagnosed with a severe form of bipolar disorder, and her father died shortly after her birth.

Nikki cat has also taken a number of portraits of people with mental illnesses, but she was inspired by a young boy who had an aggressive form of autism.

She found the boy, named Leo, through the internet, and decided to try to photograph him for her new book, Nikki Catsouras Children’s Home.”

I really wanted to be able to tell his story and tell his stories to others,” Ms Catsoure explained.”

What struck me about him is he’s very friendly, he’s a very bright kid, and his mother’s very supportive of him, and he’s got the kind of smile that people can relate to.

“The boy’s mother died of cancer at the age of eight, but her father was diagnosed and treated for a number other illnesses, including schizophrenia.”

My mother’s illness was so severe that her whole life she was just completely overwhelmed,” she said.

Nikikki Catsous, an Australian photographer who lives in the United States, was inspired to photograph children suffering from mental illness after seeing their parents.