Virginia wedding photographer takes on the term “pornographic”

The term “virginian” comes up a lot when it comes to photographing weddings.

One woman, Lauren T. Brown, said she’s used it to describe her work.

“When you get married, you have to be very conscious of what you’re wearing, what your hair is styled, how your dress looks,” Brown said.


Brown said that she uses the term to describe the fact that her photos are not necessarily pornographic in nature.

That’s why, Brown said, she’s a little embarrassed to be using the term.

The term, she said, is actually used by people who are not married, who have never been married.

And that’s the only time I use it.

If you’re married, then you have a job, you’re doing your job, so it’s fine,” Brown added.

Brown said she is aware that some people might not like the term but it makes her happy to be in the industry.

I get it that a lot of people are not used to it, Brown explained.

As she’s photographed more than a dozen weddings a day, Brown knows that she’ll never be able to use the term for everyone, but she doesn’t want others to be excluded.

This is a term that I love, she added.

It’s a term you don’t hear that I don’t like.

To help the public understand the term and to educate about what it means, Brown asked the media to use her photos when it’s appropriate.

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