What’s in the photo album for Barack Obama?

The image above is a selection of photos from Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and administration.

Some of the photos have been widely shared online, and others have not.

The President and first lady, Michelle Obama, posted the photos to their official Facebook page and Instagram accounts.

The photos include shots of Obama as a young boy and young man in Chicago.

Some were taken in the early 1960s and some as far back as 2008.

Obama also posted several photos of himself with other celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Cher, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hanks.

In all, there are nearly 2,000 images, many of which are from the past.

Obama has used his platform to help raise awareness about homelessness and other social ills.

He has also been criticized for not paying taxes on some of his income.

The President was photographed in a White House Oval Office meeting with his chief of staff, Dan Pfeiffer, and other aides in February 2009.

The following month, Obama traveled to India to speak at the National Assembly.

He then spent a day in a hospital recovering from pneumonia.

In his speech, Obama praised the government for its “success” and the “progress” it’s made in the fight against HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

The speech was viewed as a victory for the Affordable Care Act and its universal coverage, Obama said.