New York Wedding Photographers Get A Free License To Use Famous Cat Photographers

This week, the New York City Council approved a resolution that will allow photographers to get free licenses for their work.

The resolution also makes it possible for wedding photographers to use famous cat photos without having to pay for them.

It was first proposed by the New Jersey Coalition of Cat Owners in February and passed unanimously.

Cat owners have a vested interest in getting cat pictures taken, because their furry companions have become an increasingly popular subject for weddings.

In the past decade, cat owners have used cat photos in a wide variety of creative ways.

Some of these photographers include: Michael Bierut, founder of a New York wedding photography site called Petitions for Cats, has used the photos for his wedding-themed wedding, including a portrait of his bride and groom.

His cat, a black Labrador named Cheetah, has been featured in hundreds of wedding photos, including this one by photographer John LeClerc.

Bieruk has also created a series of books with photos of cat lovers that has sold more than 200,000 copies.

Cat photos are also used in the works of photographers like Anna Kendrick, a New Jersey photographer whose cat, Alyssa, was featured in an ABC series in 2008.

The New York resolution is the first time that New York has considered such a measure.

The City Council voted on Wednesday in favor of the resolution, which now heads to the City Council.

“The Council has unanimously supported the need for a resolution recognizing the importance of cat photography and the need to increase the visibility of cat owners in our city,” Councilwoman Linda Rosenthal, who sponsored the resolution said in a statement.

Cat photography is also used to create a range of other creative work, including portraits of famous musicians and writers, and of people who are famous for being famous.

Cat photographers, such as Michael Biersut, are among the most prolific of the creative artists and photographers.

Many of the photos that have been used in cat photography have been shot in the Catskill Mountains, including the famed Catskill Cats and the Cats of New York, an annual cat photography competition.

In an article in the Wall Street Journal in 2008, photographer Michael Belsky described the cat photos he used to shoot his wedding in New York.

“I would spend days on a single image,” Belski said, according to the article.

“It took me months to make a single photograph of the wedding of my parents.

They were in love with each other, but I could never get the shots of them together that I wanted.

It took months to get those beautiful images.”

New York is one of the most popular locations for cat photography because of its close proximity to the Catskills, and because of the popularity of cat videos on the Internet.

A recent study by researchers at Rutgers University found that more than 4 million cat videos are uploaded on the web each month, according a press release from the University.