Which of the UK’s top companies is most likely to be hit by a tax cut?

The UK’s most expensive property is now on the market, with the country’s biggest property company on the brink of an early sale, and an imminent move to a new owner.

The value of the house on a hill in the village of Fonthill in Wiltshire, in the constituency of South Thanet, has been set at £13.9 million.

It has been bought by developer Chris Rooker, who has plans to make the house into a five-star hotel.

But while the house is currently worth more than £15 million, Rookers future plans have been delayed due to the recent election result, according to the Evening Standard.

Rookers campaign manager Andrew Smith said that the house would now be sold for “under £1 million” and that a buyer could be found within a week.

Rooks campaign spokesperson, Ben Liddle, told the paper that the property was “the property of a family who are desperate to move to England and get away from their home country”.

“It is absolutely in their best interests to sell,” he said.

But the Fonthsill house has been sold, leaving the buyer with “no option but to sell the house for £1m”, the Evening Sun reported.

The home has been listed on the UK estate agent, Savills, with a sale price of £13,800,000.

It is currently the third-most expensive house in Wilting.