Chattanooga photographer gets tattoo of her son’s face on her body

We can’t see her face, but we know her.

That’s what photographer Melissa Epps and her boyfriend, Chris Soto, do in their tattoo shop in Chattanooga.

The two have been together for two years.

“It was very, very emotional for me to be able to see my son’s picture,” Epps said.

Epps’ tattoo is an emotional moment for Epps, who has never gotten a tattoo before.

She has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

“I had a cystic lung in my right lung, and I got a tattoo for that,” Epp said.

She is very proud of her tattoo.

“I had to go through so much anxiety and so much stress and so many surgeries, and my husband and I just kept going.

So to have a tattoo of my son that is going to be in front of my face and it’s just so moving to be proud of, it makes me so happy,” Eipp said.”

My son is not here, and the tattoo is going on my chest,” Epson said.

“It’s going to help me get through it.

It’s going out to all the people that are close to me and my family and my friends and my school.

It really brings home the love that we have and the support that we’re getting from people.”

Epps is not alone.

A number of tattoo artists have been inspired by her tattoo and have started their own tattoo shops.

Epps is part of a small but growing community of tattooists who are getting tattoos to honor their loved ones.

“People are really inspired by it and it makes you feel good,” EPP said.

The tattoo shop where Melissa and Chris SOTO get their tattoos has a lot of fans.

“This is what makes us happy, and we want to be a part of that and make it better,” Melissa Soto said.

They say they want to help other people with cyst, lung, skin disease, heart disease and other issues.

Soto said he is a huge fan of Melissa Epp’s tattoo and wanted to give her a tattoo that would make a huge difference.

“To have someone that’s dedicated to her art and to making people feel like they can have a good life, and they can be a better person,” Soto told News24.

The couple is excited about the future of their business.

“We’re hoping to open up more businesses, we’re hoping we can open up a few more shops,” Sotos said.

For now, they are just happy to be doing what they love and that’s what they’re focused on.

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