AZ’s Brico, Brica beat AZ 4-1

It was a perfect afternoon for a Tucson-bound Ariana Grande concert in Arizona.

Bricoa’s La Ghetto del Mar band played a few songs from their forthcoming album The Color of Money and the crowd went wild.

La Ghettos del Mar has been on the rise lately, as fans of the band have been flocking to Arizona to attend concerts and concerts.

The concert took place on Saturday night and was attended by nearly 10,000 people.

The band’s song “Farewell” hit the top of the list for most played songs on the Arizona Radio Station KPNX-AM and the Arizona Press Association (APA) Twitter account. 

La Ghetto Del Mar will play their next concert at the Arizona Capitol Theatre on April 24.

Tickets for the show are available now on Ticketmaster and are $30.50.