This Is How Much More Dangerous Tyler Mitchell’s New Photo Album is Than His ‘Bad Boys’ Source MTV News

Tyler Mitchell has released his first album since the release of his sophomore album, Bad Boys, on January 11, 2017.

The new album is called The Bad Boys and it is a combination of his previous work, the singles “Dirt” and “Bad Boy” and his new single “I Got A Gun” which premiered during the MTV Music Awards.

“I’ve done a lot of stuff in the past,” Mitchell told MTV News.

“But I’ve never had a chance to work with the biggest names.

I’m the first guy that ever has been in a studio with Kanye West.

He’s one of the biggest producers.

So it’s been pretty crazy.

But it’s great.

I’ve been doing a lot with that music.

I feel like I’ve really developed my sound as an artist.

The songs are a little more mature, I think, compared to what I do with my previous stuff.

I felt like the songs are more in the vein of my music.

There’s a lot more lyrics on the record, I guess.”

Mitchell also said that he was “thrilled” with how “this album feels” and that he “didn’t know it would be the way it is.

I’m still really, really excited to play with the big names in the music world and to bring my brand of music to a new audience,” he said.

“The songs, they’re really good.

It’s like the first time I’ve done anything with a band.

It was so crazy.

The sound, it’s so good.”

Mitchell’s album was also accompanied by the first picture of the album, which he shot in a forest on a yacht in the Bahamas.

Mitchel is a huge fan of the music of Michael Jackson, and he was able to shoot the album in Jackson’s hometown of Jackson, Mississippi.

When MTV News visited the island of St. Barts, where Mitchell spent time with Jackson, Mitchell had just released a picture of Jackson on a beach.

“I was sitting in the backyard with Jackson and I was taking a picture with a tripod,” Mitchell said.

He added that he liked the beach scene because it was a way to “play with his style of music.”

“It’s like he’s doing this thing where he just goes on this crazy vacation, where he does everything that he wants to do.

He just keeps getting into it,” Mitchell added.

“That’s really exciting to me.

I wanted to show him that we were on the same page.

He has his own style and I’m not afraid to do my own thing.”

The album was originally expected to be out in March, but Mitchell was forced to delay the album’s release to take part in the MTV Video Music Awards, which were held in May.

Despite his work being delayed, Mitchell says that he will release a second album “later this year.”

Mitchel’s debut album Bad Boys was released in March 2017 and is one of many collaborations between him and the producers and artists on his roster.