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By: Scott BaughmanThe Utah Jazz are about to get their second home, but for all intents and purposes the franchise has been on the move since last year.

With the new home, the Jazz will be able to focus on their core group of players and get a full rebuild underway.

The Jazz were one of the first teams to sign a long-term contract with Jason Collins and his $85 million dollar deal.

Now, the team is headed to a new stadium in 2020 and they will be looking to bring back the same core group that led them to the NBA title last season.

However, the players that were signed with the team last season are now on the cusp of a new contract.

Jason Collins signed a one-year deal worth $12 million.

The Jazz have to re-sign Collins to remain in the mix for a max contract this summer.

He is the only Jazz player on the roster who is not a free agent next summer.

The other players that the Jazz signed last year that have a player option for 2020 are: Trey Lyles, Isaiah Canaan, Rodney Hood, Gordon Hayward, Dante Exum, and Al Jefferson.

The current core of the Jazz roster consists of Collins, Gordon, Hayward, Canaan, and the rookie Trey Lyas.

There are several players that could potentially become free agents if they can’t get another contract done.

With that being said, some players are set to be free agents in the offseason and are not on the radar of the team.

With Jason Collins in the fold, it’s time to look at the top players that will be available to the Jazz in free agency in 2019.

The top players for 2019 include: Trey Lydon, Rodney Evans, Cory Jefferson, Trey Lyases, Isaiah Evans, and Trey Lyalls.

For the most part, the first three names are on the outside looking in.

Trey LYDON is coming off a breakout year, which ended with him averaging 15.8 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 3.2 assists per game.

He also had four steals and five blocks.

He has the ability to become a top 10 player if he can stay healthy.

Rodney Evans is a similar player, but with the talent of Trey Lyden and the scoring ability of Isaiah Canaan.

He’s a similar type of player that the team will be targeting in 2019 to compete for a championship.

Cory Jefferson is the other one that will come in and take over for Jason Collins.

He played two seasons with the Jazz, averaging 13.8 ppg and 4.9 rpg while shooting 54% from three.

He shot 46% from beyond the arc and shot 55% from the free throw line.

Cody Jefferson is one of those players that are a top 20 player in the NBA, but he will be a free agency casualty in 2019 if the Jazz don’t make the playoffs.

Trey Lylas is the player that has the best shot at competing for a roster spot, but there are a lot of teams that would love to bring him back.

In the case of Trey Lyasis, the former Utah Jazz player could be a big asset for the Jazz next season.

He will be 33 years old and is a veteran player that is still in his prime.

Trey will be on the market in 2020, but the Jazz have been rumored to be willing to offer him a long contract in order to secure him for 2019.

If the Jazz can keep Trey Lythons deal on the table, they can give him a longer contract that would allow him to sign another extension and hopefully have him be a top ten player.

In terms of other players, Rodney Hicks and Rodney Evans are both set to make their free agency debut next summer, but Trey Lyales is the biggest name to come out of Utah this summer and he is the type of talent that would be an easy pick up.

Trey is an incredible scorer and he will have a huge impact on the Jazz franchise.

There is no denying that the Utah Jazz have a very talented roster that has a chance to make the postseason in 2020.

However if the team cannot contend for the championship, they will not be able move forward with the rebuilding process.

Trey has already established himself as one of Utah’s top point guards.

If he can continue to produce, the franchise will be in a much better place in 2019-20.