Maternity photographer salary: $45,000

Maternity photographers are often the first line of defense in many hospitals and nursing homes when it comes to securing maternity care, and they earn significantly more than other nurses.

A new survey found that while a full-time maternity photographer earns $45.50 an hour, a part-time one does just $26.50, and a full time assistant does $29.75 an hour.

As the website for The Next World points out, part-timers are also paid substantially more than full-timer moms.

The study also found that maternity photographers have higher rates of absenteeism and hospitalization, and that many of them are also less likely to receive paid maternity leave.

The survey, conducted by the Maternity Photography Society, found that about 1.3 percent of maternity photos in 2011 were taken outside of the hospital or nursing home.

While a majority of those photos were taken for an employer, some were taken by a family member or friend, according to the survey.

In addition, the survey found more than a quarter of mens’ photos were submitted without permission from the photographer, the first time the organization had asked the question of the practice.

Maternity photography is increasingly becoming a popular option in hospitals and home care facilities as a way to boost revenue and keep the staff on board while they deal with medical emergencies.

Many of these facilities have adopted the practice in recent years, including several nursing homes and hospitals that have adopted it.

The practice is still relatively new, but there is a growing number of providers who are using it, and some of them have started to get more competitive with other employers.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.