Pittsburgh wedding photographers in hot water for posting pictures of their bridesmaids in their wedding gowns

In June, one of the first photographers to get caught sharing his wedding photos online was photographer Michael Paterniti, who was arrested after posting them on Instagram.

According to The Associated Press, Paternitis photos of a bridal party at the home of a wedding photographer who posted them on his Instagram account went viral.

Now, a lawsuit has been filed against the photographer by his mother and his sister-in-law, claiming that the images posted by Paternits were “illicit” and “vulgar.”

“It’s a shame that this photographer went to such lengths to post these images on Instagram, and it’s unfortunate that he is facing these charges,” his mother, Barbara Paternite, said in a statement.

“But at the end of the day, it’s about protecting our family and our clients.

This is not the first time a photographer has been accused of violating the law and is likely to be the last.

As a family and a community, we need to make sure our children and our loved ones are safe when we go out.”

Paternititi’s lawyer, Joseph Kollman, said he was not surprised by the lawsuit, saying, “This is a typical case where people who post these things, they’re being prosecuted.”

He said his client was not charged with a crime and was just being “preetrained” by the police.

“The judge said the law wasn’t broken,” Koll-man told the AP.

“This case is just one of many cases that we’re seeing, where people are being punished for these kinds of things.”

A judge in Pennsylvania recently ordered the arresting officer to recuse himself from the case, because Paternittis mother has filed a complaint against him with the state attorney general’s office.

The judge also told the arresting officers to take Paternitois mother’s complaint seriously, but he did not rule on whether or not to dismiss the case.

“In our experience, we don’t make these kinds a part of our disciplinary proceedings,” Paternitte said in court on Tuesday.

“I think they’re a real problem, but I think they do make us look a little bit more lenient.”

A spokeswoman for Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane said in an email to The Verge that the attorney general has “received complaints about an inappropriate image posted on the social media platform Instagram.”

“We will conduct a full investigation into the matter, and will take appropriate action,” she said.

“We are committed to protecting the privacy and safety of everyone.”