How to spot a cat in a photo

The picture is worth a thousand words, and while I don’t want to say it’s all that impressive, the photo is a nice snapshot of what cat owners might expect to see.

The photo shows two black cats with a black bowtie hanging over them.

The bowtie is actually a long, black chain with three pieces attached to it.

You might expect the chain to be tied around the cats neck and around their tail, but instead, it’s tucked into a spot that’s just above their ears.

The black cat is a male.

The female is a black cat, but both cats are black.

The two cats are the only two cats on the site to be tagged with an image tag, and that photo was taken from the cat’s owner’s mobile phone.

(The owner is pictured with her cat in the background.)

It’s a nice touch.

And as for the cats, they’re in a nice area.

I’ve always wondered what cat people might find in the picture.

What’s up with this black cat?

Why is he so long?

Where’s the bowtie?

The black cats were tagged with a photo tag.

The cat owner has a cellphone.

Why are the cats in the foreground?

This photo was tagged.

That’s a picture of the owner’s cat, too.

So there you have it.

Cats are everywhere.

They’re everywhere in this photo.

They might not be all black, but they’re definitely not all cats.

But what about people?

Are cats really everywhere in our lives?

I’d like to ask you this: Do you notice cats?

If so, are you interested in cats?

Is this a picture you want to see?