When a cat dies in Australia’s bush, you can still photograph it

Australian photographer Tom Anderson was lucky to have his pet cat alive when he died from a heart attack at his home in 2009.

“I didn’t realise at the time how lucky I was,” Mr Anderson told news.com.au.

The photographer is an amateur photographer who loves to capture life’s strangest and most bizarre things.

“He would sit on my bed, snuggle up to me, and he would always eat me,” Mr Tabor said.

“The day I found him, he was sitting on my arm, he had a bottle of wine, and it was just such a sweet smell.”

But the cat’s death was a shock to Mr Anderson and he had to do what he could to make it up to his family.

“It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to deal with,” he said.

Mr Anderson’s mother, Sally, said her son was the kindest and gentlest person she had ever met.

“We never had any problems, he just was a really nice person, very kind,” she said.

The family have been in the bush for the past six months to recover from the cat death.

“You just feel so overwhelmed.

I’m so proud of him,” Ms Tabor told news,com.uk.”

People can be so selfish and they have the whole world in their head and it’s just a cruel world.”

Mr Anderson said the cat had been a great companion, and that he had always wanted to photograph wildlife.

“They’ve always been a part of my life,” he told newscom.com,uk.

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