New York wedding photographer’s photo of Mauthausens wedding captured by photographer of Mausausen

New York photographer Kevin Gorman has captured a stunning photo of a wedding reception at Mauthusen in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Mr Gorman said he was taking the photo for a local newspaper when the couple arrived at the venue and he noticed that a large number of people were seated around a table and that it looked as if a crowd had gathered.

Mr Gurr had been working in Israel when he returned to the US in 2014, and said he had been planning to return to Israel as soon as he was able to do so, and to take a few photos in the area.

Mr Dalia said she was surprised to see so many people sitting in the middle of a crowd.

“The moment you see the crowd, you can tell that it’s a big group of people,” she said.

“But it was a really big gathering and they all looked like they were all very well dressed, which was unusual for me.”

Mr Gurv’s wife, Dalia, who is Israeli, is the photographer for the paper, Mausens Al-Aqsa, and Mr Gurr is the editor of the paper.

Ms Gurr said she hoped to be able to take some of the photos and share them on Facebook with her friends, who would also appreciate the experience.

“I am a big fan of photography,” she told ABC News.

“And when I first got married, I was very curious about the whole process.”

There’s a lot of images that I’ve taken, and I thought I wanted to share with people.

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