‘Crisis of confidence’: In Australia, the ‘shooting spree’ may not be over

AUSTRALIA’S police force has been rocked by revelations about a “crisis of faith” in its policing after a “shooting rampage” in Melbourne.

Police commissioner Mark D’Arcy said police had a “frightened” reaction to the killings of two men in the suburb of St Kilda in Victoria’s north on Monday and the “shooter spree” in Sydney on Tuesday.

“Our first reaction to this is that we’ve been scared and fearful, but then there’s the fact that there was a shooting in our backyard in Melbourne, there was an incident in our suburb in Sydney, there’s been a shooting and that was in our suburbs, and it’s all happening in a matter of days,” he said.

He said the department was taking the “extraordinary” steps necessary to maintain public confidence.

Mr D’Amarcy said he did not know the names of the two men killed in Melbourne on Monday, but police have spoken to them.

It was not immediately clear if the two people killed in Sydney were known to police or the media.

The shootings took place just a few days after the Australian Government announced a $100 million plan to combat violence against women.

In the wake of the shootings, Mr D’Asmarcy urged Australians to be “very cautious” and “very, very careful” around people and property in the immediate aftermath.

Victoria Police said there was no immediate threat to public safety and that it had received a number of calls about the shootings.

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